Pool Chemicals

Whatever your swimming pool issue Lo-Chlor Chemicals has the solution for you. Our proven range of formulations are great for solving problems that pop up or as part of your general maintenance to prevent them in the first place.


Destroy and prevent unsightly algae growth in your swimming pool. Whether you want to treat your water weekly or if you are looking for a longer term proven solution you will find it here.

Lo-Chlor Algaecide

Knock-Out Algaecide

Total Algaecide

Black Spot Algaecide

Winteriser Algaecide

Phosphate Removers

Remove unwanted phosphate from your swimming pool water. Phosphate is the essential ingredient for algae growth so remember NO PHOSPHATE = NO ALGAE

Starver® X


Bulk Starver®

Starver® Test Kit

Flocculants & Clarifiers

Ensure that your swimming pool water remains crystal clear with our extensive range of products. Our technologies provide the perfect solutions whether you want a natural solution or more traditional chemistry.

Miraclear Pool Clarifier

Maxi-Floc Plus

Ultra Pool Clarifier

Miraclear Clarifier Cube

Stain Removal & Prevention

Stains are usually caused by unbalanced water that introduces metals into the water. Use Multi Stain Remover or Spotaway to lift any stains and No More Metal to remove the metals from the water and prevent re-occurrence.

Multi Stain Remover


No More Metal


Specialist maintenance products that cure a range of issues. From cleaning filter media and salt cell electrodes to lubrication of seals, fixing leaks in pipework to preventing water loss by evaporation with Liquid Pool Blanket.

No More Scale

Salt Cell Cleaner

Leak Sealer

No More Bugs

Liquid Pool Blanket

Filter Cleaner & Degreaser

Marble, Stone & Tile Cleaner

Hydra-Slip Lubricant