Follow the Lo-Chlor Phosphate Protection Program

Understanding phosphate is key to keeping your pool running efficiently and trouble free. Phosphate is the major food source for algae growth in swimming pools. Whilst chlorine and algaecides kill or prevent algae they do not remove unwanted phosphate from the water. As algae dies it releases phosphate, unless the phosphate is removed it remains as a food source for new algae growth.

By removing phosphate and eliminating algae the demand for chlorine as a sanitiser is reduced, therefore, lowering chorine consumption and reducing costs. Following the Lo-Chlor Phosphate Protection Program is key to keeping pools algae free, maintaining maximum water quality and allowing other chemicals to work at their most effective level. Our expertise in this area has ensured that the Lo-Chlor Starver® range of products are the phosphate removers of choice across Europe.

Lo-Chlor Phosphate Protection Program Step 1

Lo-Chlor Starver® X is a CURATIVE for high phosphate levels and should be used when the level of phosphate is 2000ppb or above. This unique concentrated product is the initial shock treatment for pools. Each 1 litre dose will remove up to 6000ppb (6ppm) per 50,000 litres of water. Once shocked, lower phosphate levels can be effectively managed using Lo-Chlor Starver®.

Lo-Chlor Phosphate Protection Program Step 2

Lo-Chlor Starver® is a PREVENTATIVE and should be used ongoing as a MAINTENANCE product to keep the phosphate level as close to zero as possible. This patented product is designed for weekly use once the level is below 2000ppb (2ppm). Once below 2000ppb (2ppm) use an initial dose of 1 litre per 50,000 litres of water every 2 – 3 days. When the phosphate level has dropped to between 0-200ppb carry out weekly maintenance doses of 500ml per 50,000 litres if water.